The Evoke EDX electronic crossover is included with Alex when ordered in the bi-amp version.

It features a custom 24db/octave crossover and ARC Genesis bass management.

(Not available separately)

The Alex Reference is a full-range audiophile monitor. This next logical step-up from Eddie offers dual mid-woofers with a lower MMS and a new level of clarity in the region.
The tower also has dual 11″ subwoofers extending bass into the low 20’s in-room!  The first time you experience the attack and dynamics of a well-recorded track, you will jump out of your seat!

Extended Range High-Power Evoke Planar Mid-Tweeter

Dual CMCA Evoke 6.25″ Woofers

Dual High Efficiency 11″ Subwoofers

3-Layer Carbon Fiber Sandwich Cone

Dual WBT 5-Way Binding Posts

100% Oxygenated Silver Coated Wire

Silver Solder Point-to-Point

Time and Phase-Aligned Crossovers

Mundorf Capacitors – Silver-Gold-Oil

Mundorf M-Resist Resistors

Mundorf M-Coil Air Core Inductors

High-Gloss Cabinet Finish

Low Resonance Cabinet and Damping

Removable Magnetic Black Grilles

Bi-Wire Standard

Bi-Amp Option Includes Electronic Crossover 

+/- 3dB 28 Hz – 35 Khz (In-Room-Response, -3dB 22 Hz)

94 dB Sensitivity

Impedance 4 Ohms Minimum

Suggested Power, 2 Matching Amps 75 – 200 Watts @ 8 Ohms

Weight: 90 Pounds Est.

Dimensions: 44” Tall, 16” Deep, 9” Wide Est.

Stand  – Aluminum, IsoAcoustics Gaia Isolation Feet

Alex is Available in a Self-Powered Version

Suitable for Professional Use & Extended Duty Cycles

Increased Dynamics, Headroom & Efficiency

ARC Enabled 24db/Octave Electronic Crossover

Absolute Phase + Increased Driver Protection

5 Channels of Direct-Drive Class AD Amplication

XLR Input

Anthem ARC Genesis Correction Enabled for Digital Models
(Pending Certification)

Contact details

Mark Hovanec
E-mail: [email protected]
Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Australia

Anthem and ARC Genesis are registered trademarks of Anthem.
Evoke Loudspeakers is in development of the Digital series of loudspeakers and initial plans are to include ARC Genesis in the product sub-brand.
Evoke has no rights to this at this time.