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When a renown recording professional approached EVOKE to develop a reference monitor, he had some specific requirements. Alex proved to be the right foundation. There were exponential sonic upgrades. And then, the client had aesthetic demands. In creating a solution, the details of the design actually contribute to the sound. A perfect blend of form and function.

EVOKE can do this because we know you want it all. Offering BeSpoke – a creative palette of options to fit your style, taste and environment. Whether a direct client, architect, interior designer or AV specialist, we can bring form and function together to provide an uncompromising solution tailored to your needs.

BeSpoke and Semi-Custom products are typically unaffected by supply chain issues. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

[NON-DISCLOSURE. We understand the need for privacy and typically sign NDAs for many of our projects.]


We offer a pre-engineered line of speakers that generally address most client needs. EVOKE can customize them and also design fully custom speakers that scale to much larger music or screening environments. 

All products are BeSpoke for your application. Just as with any aspect of a project, design, approval, scope of the work, and change orders ultimately affect price and delivery. We believe in under-promising and exceeding your expectations.


There are a lot of details involved in a custom project like this. Whether a one off project, or the most advanced system, the information below should prove helpful as you consider an EVOKE solution.

EVOKE will design custom solutions for your specific needs. We’re here to help you achieve your goals. Our task is to provide you an uncompromising music and film solution to your project that fits into your vision.

Let’s look at your project, whether a pair of speakers, a dedicated room, or a whole house or exotic platform. Before there are any constraints the creative juices should flow.

Brainstorming is one of our favorite things to do. This is no time to worry about whether it’s possible or how much it costs. We’ll figure that out in the next steps.

Some projects are very simple. For example, a semi-custom version of one of our engineered models is fairly straightforward. As things grow more complex so does the process.

The overall scope of the project needs to be considered. Will there be a project manager? How hands-on will you or the client be? Will there need to be approval of first-article? Perfect color-matching to a PMS number typically adds time due to practical tests going back and forth. You get the idea.

When you review the BeSpoke page, you can see that various paint, metal finishes and other materials are possible. The range of woods is very wide including traditional and the most exotic species. Your imagination and budget are the limitation.

A semi-custom pair of our smallest pre-engineered Ruby loudspeakers can easily cost upwards of $5000. We have had some requests for gold-plated faceplates, for example, that can increase that price dramatically.

In larger projects, a budget will be submitted based on the scope of the job. An initial overview will be provided as a courtesy at this point. Once we reach this level, a formal proposal needs to be developed.

Based on the initial overview, a fee will be accessed to finalize the scope of work including details of the project, deliverables, schedules, pricing and terms, to name a few. 

As with any custom project the timeline can be affected by any number of things. In any application, cabinets are some of the most demanding. Depending on the complexity of design and approvals – delivery times can be extended much longer.

Some clients are very hands-off regarding the sound itself. In that case, we can manage that. If, however, the client wants to review samples that adds a major step to the process.

We prefer to be involved early in the process. In most cases equipment and wiring are engineered into a project very early. We cannot assure performance without input in these areas.

Acoustic assistance is also available to the architect. It is amazing how something as simple as heavier framing can impact room acoustics. But this has to be front-loaded in the project from design, to permitting.

We can supervise any installation on site to any extent you require. This will impact schedules and budgets. One of the advantages is the ability to tune the system to the room for maximum performance.

We take your time, budget, quality and vision seriously. At the same time, it’s important that we are on the same page when balancing the project without compromising the creativity. Most of our clients support this philosophy. Some haven’t and that’s okay.

Two things affect a project. The first is change orders. If we are doing a standalone project, that may not matter to you. If there is a hard deadline or we are coordinating with other trades, things can get complicated pretty fast.

The second thing is budget. We pre-plan in a manic way. However, there may be things along the way that are beyond our control. You may also have change orders. Both can impact the budget and deadline. And we hope that you, like us, are uncompromising on quality that will outlast the process.

While this should answer a lot of questions, it’s designed more to open your mind to the process. We look forward to discussing your needs and bringing vision to reality.

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