NEW line

An exciting new line-up from Evoke is in development designed to deliver an unparalleled acoustic experience.

The line features planar technology in a point-source topology for exceptional imaging and spacial presentation.

Besides the exclusive planar technology, Bella will feature an advanced planar mid-bass driver currently in the final development stages.

And while there are some exceptional cone drivers, Evoke has developed two unique drivers for the best performance possible and seamless integration with the planars.

The line is in the final stages of design. Several models have passed the prototype phase. Actual production dates are unknown due to current supply-chain issues. Building upwards of 5000 speakers, and doing it without compromise, requires every player be on their game.

Here are renderings of the new product line in development. Click on any speaker to see the proposed engineering goals.

(Model releases will be staggered. The digital series will be released at a later date.)

Contact details

Mark Hovanec
E-mail: [email protected]
Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Australia