How do you build an incredible small studio monitor? Easy – use a shrink ray on Eddie. Well, not quite but that’s essentially what we did. Ruby has a smaller version of the Strat F1 planar called the model F2. The mid-bass driver is a tad smaller at 5″. And while the cabinet is an eighth of the size, it’s surprisingly sturdy for its size!

But that was just the beginning. Ruby had some small shoes that Eddie had to fit in. With the same quality in drivers, cabinet engineering and crossover design – would the goal be achieved? The simple answer is yes. The extended frequency response covers everything but the very lowest of octaves. Imaging, dynamic headroom and virtually no distortion literally make Ruby disappear.

When comparing Eddie and Ruby most of the range has the same quality DNA. Yes, the mid-bass crossover is higher – but not in such a way that it takes away from the music. One pair with or without a subwoofer will perform unlike anything else in its’ class or price range. And in a home theater with a subwoofer, whether 5.1 or full blown ATMOS, be prepared. Ruby will exceed the performance of virtually any product to many times its’ price!

Proprietary Technology

When we set out to build a small monitor, compromise was not on our minds. But how to match the DNA of the Strat F1 planar? The solution was to build a smaller version, the Strat F2 planar! While not as large as its’ bigger brother, it shares all the robust construction and technology of the Strat F1. The end result is the same dynamics, imaging, lack of distortion and 35 Khz capability.

We took the same approach with the woofer creating the RM5. While a sibling of the RM7 it has no technological limitations. This is not a typical small monitor woofer. It has a cast frame, advanced components and high performance to match.

Other features include a curved cabinet that is resonance-free and about as rigid a structure as you’ll find. The custom aluminum faceplate is machined out of 7075 aerospace material. First it is CNC machined, then water-jet drilled, beveled and polished. Why? Why not! It’s a rigid platform and makes Ruby look pretty damn good!

Specifications – Ruby LE

2-Way Audiophile Reference Small Studio Monitor
100% Hand-Built and Tested
Rear Ported Enclosure
Tweeter Level Control
Strat F2 Planar Mid-Tweeter
RM5 Mid-Woofer
 5-Way Binding Posts
Silver Coated Copper Multi-Gauge Custom Audiophile Wire
Hybrid Crossover with Clarity and Mundorf Supreme capacitors
Removable Black Magnetic Grille
High Gloss Painted Finish
Machined 7075 Brushed Aluminum Faceplate with Damping
+/- 3 dB 42 Hz – 35 kHz
90 dB 1W/1M
Impedance 4 Ohms Nominal
Suggested Amp Power @ 8 Ohms – 50 to 150 Watts per Channel*
12″ Tall x 7 1/2″ Wide x 11″ Deep [11 1/2″ with Grille]
Approximately 35 Pounds [Shipping Pair]

Price & Availability


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Mark Hovanec
E-mail: [email protected]
Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Australia