Evoke Launches with EDDIE 3-Way Audiophile Speaker

Evoke loudspeakers launches their first product “Eddie” powered by NuPRIME Electronics and WiWires Cables at the prestigious audiophile “T.H.E. Show” in Newport Beach on June 2nd.

“After 2 years of development on Eddie, we’re bringing a product to market whose mission is to outperform speakers at many times its cost.”

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) June 1, 2016

Evoke™ Loudspeakers will launch its first model, “Eddie™” at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016. The first day is for the press only followed by 3 days of access to audiophiles. Eddie will set up in Room 1046 driven by NuPRIME electronics and using WiWires interconnects and speaker cables.

“Eddie” is the first of a planned product line that will include a smaller monitor, a tower version of Eddie and several larger models along with a dedicated center channel and ATMOS surround speakers.

According to John Casler, charged with distribution and marketing for EVOKE, “After 2 years of development we’re bringing a product to market that only VMPS could have conceived before.” He added: “It exceeded my expectations and a select group of ex-VMPS owners when we compared it to the much larger award-winning RM40.”

The center-piece of “Eddie” is the StratF1™ planar midrange driver. Evoke searched globally to find a partner to create a custom midrange worthy of the audiophile market. It has extraordinary headroom delivering effortless performance.

While the StratF1 extends well past 20 KHz in response, it crosses over to a TrueFlat™ ribbon tweeter to utilize the ideal bandwidth and dispersion characteristics of both drivers.

Creating a transition from a planar to a woofer has always been a challenge. EVOKE features a custom aluminum mid-woofer whose moving mass weighs in at just under 18 grams. The well-conceived crossover and cabinet loading makes the transition between the two drivers virtually indiscernible.

“Evoke has been a passion project” states Mark Summers, CEO of Evoke Loudspeakers adding: “Every aspect of the speaker is high-end without compromise. At the same time, we believe we’ve created an affordable audiophile product that outperforms speakers at many times its cost.”

Evoke has also created a “Founders’ Circle” for early adopters. They will qualify for special introductory pricing, a two-year upgrade option and a lifetime discount on all future Evoke products.

“Eddie” features an over-engineered cabinet, matched drivers, audiophile crossover components and a furniture-grade Rosewood veneer – all standard.

Audition “Eddie” in room 1046 at the upcoming T.H.E. Show. For more information, visit https://evokespeakers.com or contact Casler or Summers

About Evoke Speakers

EVOKE finds its inspiration from legends like Arnie Nudell of Infinity, John Dahlquist, David Hafler and many more. EVOKE is further inspired by the late Brian Cheney of VMPS Audio who believed you could build a state-of-the-art product for a reasonable price that often exceeded the performance of much higher priced loudspeakers.

The goal of EVOKE loudspeakers is to inspire you to listen to your music or watch a film as if for the first time – to hear it as if it were live in the moment, natural, in a holographic space, at ease and dynamic.

Once you audition them you will know what it means to forget you are listening to electronics and speakers, and become immersed within your favorite films or music.