How do you top the original Eddie? With the LE, that’s what. The Eddie LE is the next step in the maturation of Eddie – continuing to change everything you thought you knew about audiophile speakers.The goal has always been quite simple – to create a speaker that neither adds nor subtracts from the source material. To be true, honest and real.If you’re ready to hear music. If you want to finally find a speaker that fulfills the vision you’ve always hoped for in your minds’ eye – then audition Eddie LE for yourself. You’ll be left wondering, “How do they do that… Again?”

Propriety Technology

The new Eddie LE features the F118 planar covering both the mids and highs. It features the strongest neodymium magnets and the most rigid structure imaginable. And with both drivers on the same plate they can be closer than if mounted separately putting them in perfect time-alignment.

The RM7a woofer also has a low moving mass and phase plug with the speed and phase coherency to achieve a seamless transition to the planar. Advanced, and expensive crossover design, and over-engineered cabinets contribute to the overall organic result – to deliver music that belies the sound of a speaker.

Real World Performance

Okay. Pick any company. Some will state their calculated specs. Some un-godly priced ones’ will state their RAR (Room Average Response). But what does that look like? Really?

This graph is of the Eddie LE in a REAL room. There is NO equalization! 14′ x 18′ x 8′. Carpeted concrete floor. Plaster walls and ceilings. One large window with drapes. One side open to dining. Over-stuffed furniture. So by all accounts this is a fairly normal room. I mean, not everyone has 50 grand to build a dedicated room!

What you will see is the typical mid-bass suck out, a peak related to the ceiling height. BUT, even with that, we spec very close to our stated +/- 3 dB numbers. By contrast, many of our competitors’ speakers have spikes of +/- 10 dB or more in those critical areas!

So we’re not ashamed of our truth, but rather, very proud of our real world performance. Ask competitors to drop their pants to see what they’ve got. I’m betting they’ll come up short.

Eddie Classic Accolades

The Absolute Sound – Robert Harley’s Best of Show [For the Money]

“The Eddie speaker from a new speaker company called Evoke caught my ear for its tremendous price-to-performance ratio. Eddie features a ribbon tweeter, planar-magnetic midrange, and a cone woofer. It sounded clean, fast, and transparent—and like it should cost much more than $4K.” [With Mundorf Supreme capacitor option.]

Positive+Feedback – Steve Lefkowicz

“Evoke Audio’s Eddie speakers driven by all NuPrime electronics was really putting on a show of how good cost-effective audio can get. The speakers are very reminiscent of the older VMPS 626 speaker, which is a very good thing, though they use completely different drivers. They play way bigger than one would expect based on their size and driver complement. A real solid debut from this new company.”


3-Way Audiophile Reference Monitor
Rear Ported Enclosure
RM7a Woofer
Strat F118 Planar
WBT 5-Way Binding Posts with Sound Interrupters
Removable Black Magnetic Grille
Aerospace Spec. Aluminum Faceplate
High Gloss Black Painted Finish
+/- 3 dB 32 Hz – 35 kHz
92 dB 1W/1M
Impedance 4 Ohms Nominal
Suggested Amp Power @ 8 Ohms, 100 to 200 Watts per Channel*
Mundorf Supreme Silver-Oil Caps
Silver Coated Copper Multi-Gauge Custom PTFE Audiophile Wire
22″ Tall x 9″ Wide x 15″ Deep
Approximately TBD Pounds Each

Price and Availability


Contact details

Mark Hovanec
E-mail: [email protected]
Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Australia