3-Way Audiophile / Studio Reference Bookshelf Monitor

Use as Left, Right or Center, Vertical Orientation Only

Rear Ported, Front Optional

Fixed Levels or L-Pads for Midrange and Tweeter

Planar Tweeter

Planar Midrange

Woofer Options, 7” Black Aluminum with Phase Plug Woofer Standard

WBT 5-Way Binding Posts

Silver Coated Copper Multi-Gauge Custom Audiophile Wire

Capacitor Options, Mundorf Supreme Standard

Finish Options, Post Modern American Walnut Satin Finish Standard

Faceplate Options, Wood Cabinet Front, Drivers Surface Mount

Grille Options, Black Standard


+/- 3dB 35 Hz – 35 Khz with Standard Woofer (In-Room-Response, -3dB 30 Hz)

89 dB Sensitivity

Impedance 4 Ohms Minimum

Suggested Amp Power 100 – 200 Watts @ 8 Ohms

Specifications Will Vary to Final Design Configuration


Weight Varies with Cabinet Options, Typically 50 Pounds

Dimensions Vary with Cabinet Options, Typically 24” Tall, 15” Deep, 10” Wide

[Stand is Optional.]

Contact details

Mark Hovanec
E-mail: Mark@EvokeSpeakers.com
Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Australia