Whether a live concert or an intimate jazz club – Our vision, just like yours, has always been quite simple – to listen to a speaker that neither adds nor subtracts from the performance. To deliver nothing but the music. To be true, honest and real.

EVOKE will take your vision and bring it to life. We can work with you, your architect and designer, if needed, to bring you the sound you have only imagined in your minds’ eye for a very, long time.

Our designs feature our exclusive planar drivers, ultra-fast, low-mass dynamic drivers, and the best components sourced world-wide.

All cabinetry and finishes are custom – from paint colors to wood finishes and grille fabrics as desired. Systems can be integrated to be invisible as well.

We also offer consulting to assure the best reproduction and room acoustics.


To EVOKE means to bring forth or recall to the conscious mind. When it comes to film or music an EVOKE speaker is part of the performance. Not to stand out but rather to reveal. It is neutral and conjures up the original art form as if awakened in the present moment.

If you’re ready to hear music or experience a film –  then audition EVOKE for yourself. Join those people before you that have been left speechless and could only say, “How did they do that?”

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Update Going Into 2023

Update Going Into 2023

As we approach 2023, I wanted to update the EVOKE website and share a few updates. EVOKE continues to do custom builds. A few have been custom Ruby’s for some close friends. The others have been some spectacular executions for…

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