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A true small reference monitor - Ruby has the same DNA as Eddie in her mid-tweeter and woofer. Side-by-side the acoustic signature is uncanny...



Eddie is an audiophile studio reference monitor. From a control room to a medium or large living room, Eddie competes with speakers costing much more...



Alex is a true full range reference speaker. He features a subwoofer extending to 19Hz. Hear at-you-are-there sound levels even in the largest of rooms...


“To EVOKE means to bring forth or recall to the conscious mind.
When it comes to film or music an
EVOKE speaker is part of the performance.
Not to stand out but rather to reveal.
It is neutral and conjures up the original art form
as if awakened in the present moment.”

NEWS: Alex Approaches a Final Design

“Well, as if the first designs and prototype weren’t expensive,
the final production prototype is making that seem to be a walk in the park…”

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If you’re ready to hear music. If you want to finally find a speaker that fulfills the vision you’ve always hoped for in your minds’ eye – then audition EVOKE for yourself. Join those people before you that have been left speechless and could only say, “How did they do that?”

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