As a custom builder, we support your relationships with interior designers, architects, and both comsumer and professional clients. We are equally comfortable with the creation of individual speakers, whole-house solutions, studio, home theater or screening room installations and more. 

This BeSpoke page should address many of the options available to you. Our products are suited for installations on land, in the air, and on the ocean. If you have any questions please contact us.


In addition, we offer a pre-engineered line that is available for both dealers and distributors. Eddie is proven, along with Ruby. Alex has proven to be a reference benchmark. Each of our models has a place in the overall scope of a project. And our custom capabilities can address any unique situation.

These products are perfect for your brick and mortar or E-commerce offerings. EVOKE guarantees territories and can offer exclusivity for E-commerce solutions.


These are semi-custom products where you can specify finishes, capacitors and a number of other features to match your market and desired price points and margins.

Tier 2 products can be developed to complement the higher-end products so you have offerings for all customers – from theater-in-a-box – to the high-end production or custom.

There are minimum order requirements (MOQs) that vary per model, and are dependent on the number of models you wish to order.

Please contact us directly for information.

product line

There are currently seven pre-engineered models available for production. They can serve any need from a pair of desktop monitors with sub, to a full-blown 11.2 home theater with thunderous LFE subwoofers.

Contact details

Mark Hovanec
Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Australia